Friday, March 9, 2012

lil boy blue

Poched and crumbed eggs with trio of mushrooms, soldiers, salsa verde, pickled  capsicum and goat's curd.

Two words. Crumbed eggs. I may be the last person in Kew to notice this but HOLY SHIT CRUMBED EGGS. This is deep fried eggs, done the awesome way.

Thinking now about the orange gorgeous runny yolk and the crunchy crumbed shell sends shivers down my spine. In a good way, not I-hate-runny-eggs-fuck-me-right? kind of way. The whole concept reminds me of deep fried ice cream and seriously, who doesn't like their hipster brunch to remind them that they were once just as happy being the fat kid in a noisy tacky suburban Chinese restaurant hogging two fried ice creams to themselves?

Oh wait, yep that's still me.
This is an accurate representation of my childhood.

Lil Boy Blue
309 High Street
9853 5003
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